The Mackay Scholarship was endowed in 2009 by the late Dr William Evander Mackay of Timaru. William was a chiropractor of long standing in this community and when compiling his will he very kindly bequeathed a sum of money to the NZCA to be used as an annual scholarship to a chiropractic student in New Zealand.

The aim of the scholarship is to support a chiropractic student to further their studies and who by reason of financial difficulty may not otherwise do so. It is to encourage students towards post-graduate study in chiropractic related areas, and thereby support the ongoing growth and development of chiropractic in New Zealand.

In 2017 it was decided by the NZCA executive to split the scholarship in half and have two recipients/year. This is because the NZCA were receiving quality applications from undergraduate and postgraduate students/graduates and it was not deemed fair to have them competing together.

So in 2018 there will be two scholarships:

  • Mackay Scholarship - Undergraduate
  • Mackay Scholarship - Postgraduate

 Please find downloadable application forms at the base of this page.







Kelly Holt


Nick Ujdur


Rebecca Kara


Tanja Glucina


Melanie Freiwald


Kiri Binnersley - Undergraduate


Jasleen Kaur - Undergraduate


Krystal Short - Postgraduate



Mackay Scholarship - Undergraduate

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Mackay Scholarship - Postgraduate

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