Notice: Further Help and Links re Covid-19 Support


The spread of Covid-19 and resultant personal, national and international repercussions are starting to become very real here in New Zealand.

The NZCA Council acknowledge this is a difficult time for our members as they strive to keep their families safe, provide effective care for their patients and keep on top of the rapidly moving requirements and restrictions being imposed on businesses and individuals.

The Chiropractic Board is also attempting to keep abreast of the changes imposed by the Government, how those changes affect chiropractors and informing us of those restrictions. Please abide by their guidelines.

As you can appreciate though, this is a new situation for everyone, as well as a rapidly changing one, so we are all grappling with what is required even up to a government level.

As soon as we confirm news that affects our members we will email you about it.

**As of 2pm Monday 23rd, the Government has announced that New Zealand has moved to alert level 3 and will be moving into alert level 4 by 11.59pm on Wed 25th March 2020.

We are not sure yet if chiropractors fall into the 'essential health care' service category or not. We await news from the Chiropractic Board and they will let us know as soon as possible.

In the meantime, if we do continue as 'essential health care providers' it is likely we will only provide services/care to acute pain, or seriously chronic patients that would deteriorate quickly without care. So with this in mind you should cancel all your non-urgent patients right now and wait to hear from the Chiropractic Board in the next 24 hours, about how to deal with the acute/serious chronic patients. Once we hear from the Board we will know if we can care for this patient subset or not.

We have provided some links below to help you find the information you need with regard to applying for government subsidies. The Government has enabled virtually all individuals/businesses to be eligible for some subsidy.

The Government has set up a dedicated website which has all the information you need at present with links to relevant websites.

We have also provided some direct links below.

The NZCA Council are very aware (as most of them are going through the same issues you are in their business) of the difficulties and uncertainty that you face. Keep in touch with  your colleagues via the Regional Group via phone, skype, and zoom etc.

Keep connected (distantly) with your friends and colleagues and share information.

Keep safe, be proactive in applying for subsidies that you are eligle for, to help ease the financial burden, and contact us if you need further advice.


Hayden Thomas

New Zealand Chiropractors’ Association


The link to the Government's economic and response package/subsidy can be found here:


Covid -19 WINZ Employer Support link:

Covid-19 WINZ Employer Subsidy Application:

Covid-19 WINZ Self Employed Subsidy Application: